Urgent care when you need it

Care that fits your life

Urgent care telehealth is perfect for unplanned medical situations. Whether you need treatment for a chest cold that won't go away, or your child needs a sign-off for a minor injury to play sports - we have your back. If your telehealth provider recommends a prescription, you can get refills on existing medications or be prescribed new medication from antibiotics to hypertension and diabetes medication, and much more. Note: Some prescriptions, including controlled substances, cannot be prescribed online. 

Through Amwell's® online platform, urgent care telehealth provides care for non-emergency medical needs from medical professionals trained in internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, and pediatrics. From a stubbed finger to a sore throat, telehealth makes access to care easy and affordable.

To get started with telehealth services, log into your Member portal, and click on the Health & Wellness tab. Once you've registered, your information will be stored for future visits. 

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Covered conditions

Urgent care telehealth covers common respiratory conditions including colds, flu, seasonal allergies, cough, and problems that affect the ear, nose, and throat, such as sinus symptoms, earache, and sore throat:

    Allergies              Bronchitis                UTI

    Strep throat       Sinus Infection        Hypertension

    Pink-eye             Gout                         Cold Sores     

    Rashes                Stomach Flu            Acne



The last thing you want to do when you're feeling ill is drag yourself out of the house and off to the doctor. When William had a fever and stomach ache, getting out of bed felt like a task itself. Since William had used the telehealth urgent care services before, his initial log-in information is saved - so speaking to a provider was just a click away. From the comfort of his couch, William got the advice he needed and could go back to sleep knowing he had what he needed to ride this bug out. 

Reduce exposure and eliminate unnecessary emergency room visits

When patients visit an urgent care center they risk exposure to communicable illness. While this can’t always be avoided, telehealth visits help stop the spread of disease. Additionally, expanded access to urgent care services reduces unnecessary visits to the ER. With telehealth, you can save time and keep your mind at ease