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Community giving

We are privileged to provide $50,000 in funding through the Community Health Options Wellness Grants to 10 Maine nonprofits. Learn more about the 2024 recipients here.

Community Health Options laid the financial and foundational groundwork for a Community Benefits Expenditure (CBE) program in 2019 and began awarding grants in 2020. We work with the Maine Community Foundation to administer grant funds. For more details, please see the FAQ.

Our grantmaking goals

who are at economic risk and underserved by the health insurance industry;

to accessing health services based on geography, finances and/or culture;

on the state or local level;

by leveraging programs and providing aid to community-based health and wellness outreach;

managing chronic illness to be their best selves – mentally, physically, and emotionally; and

Member population of Maine people and families.

Because it takes a community

Our mission

To partner locally with Members, businesses and health professionals to provide affordable, high-quality benefits that promote health and wellbeing. 

Our vision

To be a leader in transforming and improving individual and community health and positively affecting local economies. 

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